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Ayesha Takia is now associated with the message - Oriented film titled Paathshala. Indian film education system, which treats children, poverty, tension / students, rather dazed. Nana Ayesha Lakes skreenspase Patek, Shetty sunyel and share with others. However, it is a romance Shahid Kapoor will be. Film comedy and romance to load. Which explains the presence of the film Me and Ayesha. From Milind has Direkted already in production for several months. After the wedding arrangements often bollivood heroin industry or government film career is often missing at the end of the Committee will do. Ayesha, which is available at the end of the journey because it is obliged to observe the rules of conventional marriage, all the lost film acting to ensure that the stories about packaging. Ayesha, but that's another story to do - and the right to hear such rumors are not related in real life is absurd, "he said. Ayesha," how do people play games, when you may be surprised by the library. The second day, someone told me that when I took the clothing maker began. Far from now more than anything to do with a sense of freedom from attached. My parents, in - law, my husband and my film career for companies that winter. "
Ayesha Takia and her husband after marriage Rumors that stifled the creative abrasion started back - Conservatory, where more efforts in parentheses Ayesha 'took until the actress retired bored content. "What might be surprising to people when playing games. The other day someone told me that when I took the creative Started Clothing, Ayesha" he laughs. My husband and my film career, the business cold "fixed point than now more than a former freedom to do what you like. I├žinde my family - the law."
Ayesha Takia to take God then there was the difference? Do not you - the right of free movement in the film clamped? There are rumors that the film industry in the negotiations.
Ayesha Takia is very bored with her attempts to put a happy retirement - brackets actress' after marriage. Words are not likely to be allowed to bet that Ayesha was married to an ultra - conservative family, where the spreading movement. After a year's delay due to the current player co-Ami, is a Muslim More cosmopolitan cities in the eyes of religion Mumbai India still prefer to live, what factors play a decisive. Whereas, in the form of Ayesha Takia married: "My mother and sister for Bondra still seeking Poly Hillel could only find a home. Some of these companies is a Muslim, the other two tshristyans same for Muslims and I do not want to say. Ever since hosted some associations to marry my mother and Sis Muslim I feel and I would refuse them permission to stay.
Now in 2010, is stopped, some Celebrity Revealed decision, which years ago bought a new, but quite Temptations bollivood failed:

Godet view this mugdha, Ayesha Takia and others: New Year's without the money resolutyons.
Mumbai Hotels and images Ami in January samajvadi party as a candidate bhivandi 20 bipolls an unsuccessful nomination. That is how the son of Abu SP, Maharashtra housing assets in excess of the richest politicians among Posted 125 Rogers said. SP candidate Bondra fate Rogers in apartment house on 830 Scott Poly Hillel 2.93 price and non-agricultural Krakow - Aurangabad, bhivandi and lukknov, Rogers site is 9.38 high-value agriculture in Krakow. Real Estate Business 7 Series and Mercedes Benz.
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