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Shradha Sharma widely known for her role in a variety of daily life as an actress and rising star model. She is needed to make noises. Actress / model Shradha Sharm practically grew up since childhood to do theater. Shradha known for her dancing skills and because of that a number of major brands such as nerolac, Ceat Tyres, Country Club and many others have signed.

She has done modeling Dettol, Lizol, Mortein, easier and much more. It began with a series, and a leading role in the Suno Har Dil Kehta Let hope - Sahara One and Saarthi - Star Plus.

Then she decided to go to the theater before the Kannada film Jeeva.

There was a time when it gives a wonderful performance from the hardware to the door of fame and success. The journey continues, and it still shows, to live for several dance companies and their products

At the time, she plays a role in the film "Tumhara Pyaar zindagi Virgin" and comes with a music video called "CHICKNI chic.
Latest news on Shradha Sharma bhozhpuri actor Rajiv Chaudhary, was arrested as indecent proposals to the camera. Rajiv Chaudhary, a former husband of popular actress, Anna Tiwari. Shweta Tiwari and Rajeev Chahudhary women in 1999. They have one daughter, and they divorced in 2007. At the moment, then Rajiv Chaudhary lives on in search of an actress Shradha charm. Though warned by his friends and former wife Anna Tiwari, Shradha was very interesting to bring a new level with Rajiv Chaudhary.

To make sure that if Rajiv Chaudhary relations purposes, Shradha Sharm has "emotionally Atyachar", shows that the color of Hindi entertainment TV channel. Lo, a partner is honest with her, or not. If the accuracy Rajiv, emotional Atyachar "has two of its representatives, Aasma and Debbie Rajeev. At its first meeting, Raj Aasma a house and tried to get near him. Later, he even tried to get close to another emotional Atyachar agent, Debbie gets. The whole incident is on the hidden camera recorded.

Shradha look at the whole thing on camera and is very upset. She requested an explanation of Rajiv stood numb.
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