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Srilekha Mitra is a Bengali Actress of movies and Television. She is well known on the small screen with "Lays ad" with Saif Ali Khan. After a gap of four years she did an commercial with Aamir Khan for Coke. Her upcoming hot movie "Tollylights".
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Open Water Swimming for Learners

Open water, endless adventures. Some of my favorite memories of swimming: Catalina island continent of California, leaving at 1 am in the windless night and the moonlight, watching the world phosphorescence in the group to remove the water and arrows, fish below, swimming in tandem with her husband Dave, background, beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean coast of St. Lucia. There is a problem of freedom and swimming in open water that simply is not in the pool experience. Besides, it's wonderful!

Other memories include the fear of the beginning of the 42 km race in Newport, Vermont, north to Lake Memphremagog heads Party of Canada and foggy memory (as a result of mild hypothermia), finishing in Calais, France to cross the English Channel. There was excitement and conquer the difficult conditions of cold or big waves and chop, swimming races and finishing, despite the indifference of Mother Nature to my fate.

I learned to swim in the lake, where my family lives in northern Wisconsin. My siblings and I are preparing for summer training at sea from the nearest pond is thirty minutes by car and our site more convenient. Therefore, immersion is not difficult for me when I participated in his first game in the open water in Seal Beach, California, in my late twenties.

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